Certified Belief Therapist (CBT)


The mission of The Therapon Institute is to educate, equip, and validate Christians in ministry. Our primary focus is not the professional counselor, though Therapon is an education provider for the professional licensure boards, but the lay-person who has been shut out of the counselor credentialing process. Therapon prepares Christians who want to learn how to help hurting and healing people God’s way and do it as a paraprofessional. Paraprofessional! Therapon credentials are not state credentials. State credentials are not ministry credentials.

Therapon is an independent, faith-based, Christian, alternative, paraprofessional credentialing board. This generation is characterized by:

    * hurting people

    * wounded people

    * medicated people

    * searching for hope ….

    * looking increasingly to God for answers

And you can make a difference!

Therapon believes it is God’s desire to work through His people to offer the message of hope and comfort.

President GEORGE W. BUSH

President George W. Bush, when he was Governor of Texas, endorsed the alternative licensure process when he wrote in his classic book, A Charge To Keep …. “I realize that many religious institutions fear involvement with government, because they fear it will compromise their core values and spiritual mission. That’s the reason I support alternative licensing, so effective efforts aren’t buried or compromised by government regulations.”


“The Therapon Institute was born out of the research and recommendations of former Governor George Bush’s 1996 Texas Faith In Action Taskforce. We were the first to respond to the challenge to (quoting from the report) “authorize as an alternative to state licensure accreditation by an established and recognized body committed to high-quality care and whose standards meet and exceed state minimum. Urge faith-based programs to form, on a private, associational basis, a peer self-study and accrediting process to identify ‘best practices’ and performance standards, support training/technical assistance initiatives, etc.” I started The Therapon Institute to elevate the level of dignity of Christian counseling, to provide layman level counselor training that would result in an alternative certification complementary to traditional treatment and to introduce a faith-based treatment modality that would be recognized by the traditional disciplines. We have accomplished all three. Our Belief Therapy model is nationally registered and recognized.”

DON SAPAUGH, former CEO of RAPHA, says:

“For 10 years I served as CEO of Rapha. The Therapon Institute has succeeded in getting legislative approval and recognition of Belief Therapy from a legal perspective. We worked diligently to accomplish the task that they have conquered. The Belief Therapy model used by Therapon is the closest system which I have seen which is Biblically based and Christ-centered to what we used at Rapha for healing those who are hurting from emotional and addiction problems. The combination of modality and scope is an excellent beginning for a better understanding of how I believe Christ would have us facilitate the healing process.”

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of comfort; Who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”

                                                ~II Corinthians 1:3, 4~

Why Certification?

Certification by a well-respected and credentialed entity inspires confidence in the quality of ministry and service an individual is providing.

  1. 1.Credentials identify individuals in whom the public can have confidence.

  2. 2.Credentials protect agencies, individuals and boards against pressures to lower standards.

  3. 3.Credentials increase program efficiency.

  4. 4.Credentials demonstrate accountability in the management of resources

  5. 5.Credentials provide a person a stronger competitive position in the market place.

  6. 6.Credentials validate a person and his/her ministry call.

The Distance-Ed Certification

  1. As a student in The Therapon Christian Counselor Belief Therapy Certification program, you will receive:

  2. Certification…Not a just a certificate!

  3. Some organizations that offer counseling courses believe that only the therapeutic elite should have counseling credentials. Not Therapon! You will receive our Certified Belief Therapist certificate and will be carried in our national register as a Belief Therapist.

  4. Solid Training

  5. Six engaging CDs containing eight powerful studies taught by the developer of Belief Therapy himself, Dr. Paul Carlin. You will also receive three textbooks by five leading Christian counselors and two additional textbooks by Dr. Carlin. Your workbook has special matching sections for the cassettes and textbooks. You will learn from the Master as the Holy Spirit opens to you the truths of God’s Word.

  6. Flexibility

  7. The Therapon Institute offers training in a distance-learning format that allows you to complete your education on your own time in your own home or office. You determine your own class schedule.

Full Curriculum (Distance-Ed) - $240
The CD Series (cassette tapes are also available)
    The Meaning of Therapon - Dr. Paul Carlin
    The Lie vs. Truth - Dr. Paul Carlin
    The Source of Destructive Behavior - Dr. Paul Carlin
    The Course of Destructive Behavior - Dr. Paul Carlin
    Problematic Thinking - Dr. Paul Carlin
    Ethics - Dr. Paul Carlin
    The Counseling Cycle - Dr. Paul Carlin
    Relapse Dynamics - Dr. Paul Carlin

The Textbook Series
    Change Your Beliefs … Change Your Life - Dr. Paul Carlin
    The Lies We Believe - Dr. Chris Thurman
    Mastering Life Through Belief Therapy - Dr. Paul Carlin
    Telling Yourself The Truth - Dr. William Backus & Dr. Marie Chapman

    The course of study includes a workbook, the CD series and the textbook series.

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